Vuokko Shop

Quality has always been a Vuokko Essence, it is held by the best professionals of needlework in Finland and Estonia. Cotton fabrics are printed in Finland, we use all natural materials.

Our tailored production is both flexible and sustainable. To reduce waste and to be ecological we produce small quantities at a time. If an article is not available at the moment, you can join at wait list and we let you know when the article arrives to the shop again.
Vuokko vintage pieces are quite popular and also these small quantity pices may be vintage in the future.

Vuokko design always looks good on you!

Loikka black

Loikka red

Loikka yellow

Myllynkivi Pallo black and white

Myllynkivi 4-striped

Myllynkivi Lankkuraita

Myllynkivi Pyörre gray white

Myllynkivi Pyörre black and white

Myllynkivi Pyörre gray black

Myllynkivi Syvänne

Elegance 4-striped

Elegance Joki stripe red white

Elegance Rasteri red yellow

Elegance Pallo black and white

Elegance Pallo black and gray

Elegance Syvänne black and white

Simpukka Joki stripe grey black

Simpukka Pallo white black

Simpukka Mininolla gray white

Simpukka Mininolla black white

Jättilieri black

Jättilieri red

Jättilieri yellow

Jättilieri white

Jättilieri Pallo black and white